what are the best online accredited colleges?

By | November 11, 2015

I’m planning on getting myself a career and currently checking into online colleges. Are there any really good ones out there that are legitimate. Just need some input from people who may have went that route. thank you

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3 thoughts on “what are the best online accredited colleges?

  1. Derek

    Online colleges lack credibility because the student may have hired an impostor to take the courses. As a result, ANY online degree has less credibility. Employers often check this and automatically reject job applicants with ANY online degree or listing ANY for-profit school.
    It has been said that the “distance learning” student only learns how to be distant from any decent learning! Don’t waste your time and money on something that won’t be well accepted.
    Another option could be taking blended classes. These let you study online, but all tests or lab work must be done in person. A photo I.D. is required to enter the classroom. This helps prevent students cheating by hiring an impostor. you might only have to be in a classroom a few times each semester.
    Visit a public community college to see if they offer blended classes.

    Ideally, the best learning experience is via actual classroom attendance. If your work schedule is an issue then consider classes on nights and weekends. No online program can be as good as the learning experience and personal interaction of actual classroom attendance. It can also improve your interpersonal skills and your social life. attend college in person-You’ll be glad you did!

  2. John

    A great plan. Go to Its a big problem to select a institution. Go to mycollegecircle.com to figure that out.

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