What are the advantages and disadvantages does college online have and college on campus have?

By | August 9, 2015

I don’t know if I want to go to college or to take college classes online. Any suggestions? Any good schools?

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6 thoughts on “What are the advantages and disadvantages does college online have and college on campus have?

  1. Caroline B

    Classes: Build your confidence in being around others and you gain more of an insight by listening to others opinions. In college. you are prepared more for the real world and meet new and interesting people. You come out of your shell and being around like minded people is an eye opener. You gain more motivation and have more guidance and instruction.

    Online: You are on your own, 24/7 and do not have the stimulus of being around others. If your line of work is people related, you miss out on valuable skills. You have the freedom of being alone and can study anywhere and travel while you study. It is convenient and you have to be motivated.

  2. Supercell

    Face to face classes require a more strict time commitment than online classes. Online classes require you to be more strict with your schedule than face to face classes. They both have their advantages. Personally I prefer online classes because I work full time and fitting in face to face classes in my schedule is a pain. I interact with classmates MORE in online classes than face to face because of the message boards every class has. In an actual classroom you really don’t talk to other students much, if at all. Online classes also tend to require discussion in order to gauge participation.

    Only you can decide what is right for you. A mixture of online and face to face classes is often required since not all classes are available online. Look at your schedule and see where you can fit in classes. Check the college schedule and see if you can fit the classes you need into your schedule. If you have difficulty motivating yourself and prioritizing your work, avoid online classes.

  3. Josiah Collins

    It really is up to the person.

    On campus classes offer much less flexibility and therefore you must build your schedule around them.

    Online classes offer more flexibility, but you must be more self-motivated to succeed in them. The below link has some good information on choosing a good online school.

  4. just not that

    distance education programs only look good from a distance. No future employer is going to hire you or take you seriously with an online degree.

  5. Heather

    Online college means you can study at your own pace and study where/when it’s convenient for you. It’s easy to work around your schedule and you don’t need to drive to a campus which saves on time and gas. You don’t get the face to face meeting with classmates or professors, but schools like Ashworth College have a community where you can easily communicate with anyone you wish to.


  6. Derek

    About the only advantage online college has is convenience. You sit at a computer whenever it fits your schedule. This convenience comes at the cost of any credibility though. It has been said that the “distance learning” student only learns how to be distant from any decent learning!

    The disadvantages to online college are many. The supposed “graduate” of an online program may have cheated by hiring an impostor to take the courses. As a result ANY online program is considered dubious-even if from a legit school. As another post mentions, online degrees get called fake-and get laughed at. There is a growing trend for well respected colleges to code degrees or transcripts to indicate whether the program was online, blended, or actual classroom based. Employers often automatically reject job applicants listing any online school or any for-profit school. See RipOffReport.com for some reviews of schools to avoid.

    No online program can be as good as the learning experience and personal interaction of actual classroom attendance. it can also improve your social skills and help your social life.

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