What are some good online high schools?

By | August 7, 2015

I want to take an certain courses online, and I want to know about some of the online high schools that offer courses that: -Meet California standards -Are well accredited and accepted as normal high school credits -Are AP, IB, or university-level -Can be taken as an accelerated course (around 8 – 10 weeks, preferably also offered over the summer) -Are not too expensive =P The accelerated course offering and pricing aren’t as important as the rest of the qualities. I’ve been looking around at some online high schools. The things that really bug me, though, are that I can’t get credits for knowledge in subjects that I haven’t officially taken, and I can’t get a full year’s worth of credits in less than 3 months (which is a high goal, but I’d like the option to try). Anyways, if you could tell me some high schools that have qualities that I’ve listed, I’d appreciate it.

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