what are my chances of getting a good job with masters degree from an online university?

By | October 27, 2015

do i have the same chances and opportunities as someone that attended a conventional university?

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2 thoughts on “what are my chances of getting a good job with masters degree from an online university?

  1. Jerk Me Off Henry

    not a good one unless your grades are 4.0 and from an accredited university.

  2. Capt Janeway

    You can expect that the majority of employers will not make any distinction between degrees earned online and those earned on campus. e.g. recent research: “most of the respondents made no distinction between an online degree and a traditional degree when considering applicants in the hiring process.”

    “Employer Acceptance Now Common”: read the white paper linked at the bottom of the page on this site:

    “Four in five business leaders favorably view online degrees”

    I have completed a BS online and am continuing with online degress in engineering ( obviously needs some campus attendance for lab classes – but these occur in blocks of two weeks during vacations) and law ( no attendance required) . Furthermore, I have had no problems with having my BS accepted by an employer.

    And apart from improving your employment prospects, there are countless of online degree graduates who have been accepted into leading graduate schools such as law and medicine, and a vast range of other careers. Distance education is a huge growth market and the reasons are obvious: we don’t have time to attend on campus while working but still need career development opportunities. Leading employers, such as Honeywell and the military, that support their staff financially to pursue degrees online, know that this is the ideal method of furthering the education of their employees.

    Hope this helps!

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