what are good online schools to get a degree in nursing?

By | December 5, 2015

i want to go back to school but i will only have time if i do online courses so im trying to find the right school for me to go to because i really want to better myself for me and my kid. so if anyone knows of one… HELP!

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2 thoughts on “what are good online schools to get a degree in nursing?

  1. pag2809

    You can probably take some courses online (gen. ed. requirements – pick a good bricks-and-mortar school that offers online classes) but I’d look for a nursing program where courses are offered evenings and weekends, not just days. A nursing degree earned online isn’t going to get you a job. You really need to learn lab sciences in a lab, have contact with real patients (when you get to that point) and that sort of thing.

  2. Katie

    I am also a pre-nursing student and have done plenty of research on this subject. Rio Salado College offers an associate degree nursing program partially online. They are located in Phoenix, Arizona and are accredited by the state of Arizona and the NLNAC (which is good). You complete your didactic courses online and on the weekends you complete your clinicals. They keep a waiting list, so it may be a few semesters before you are admitted after completing your pre-requisites. This school also offers Anatomy & Physiology I & II, General Chemistry and Microbiology online with the labs included. So you can take them online and transfer them where ever you choose to go to nursing school. Another option is Del Mar College which is located in Texas (unsure of exactly where-you’ll have to look up) and they also offer an associate degree program in nursing. You also complete your didactic courses online (on your own schedule-you can work at your own pace) once you have completed your didactic courses for the semester you then complete your clinicals. It is also accredited by the state of texas and the NLNAC. I hope this information helps you.

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