Using Dendritic Cells to Create Cancer Vaccines

By | September 12, 2015

November 13, 2007 presentation by Edgar Engleman for the Stanford School of Medicine Medcast lecture series. Edgar Engleman, MD, medical director of the Stanford Blood Center, discusses his research involving the use of a special type of white blood cell as a treatment for cancer. Engleman, who is also a professor of pathology at the Stanford School of Medicine, and his team of researchers have been interested in dendritic cells, or DCs, which can provoke an immune response in the body. Stanford University School of Medicine: Stanford University Channel on YouTube:

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7 thoughts on “Using Dendritic Cells to Create Cancer Vaccines

  1. vitaminboss

    The FDA and Pharma are in bed together. Polyclonal antibodies would be much more efficient therapeutically. They know very well that the body is too complex too respond to single agent drugs and drug targets. Its their narrow-minded (possibly deliberate) stubborness that is stifling progress in cancer therapy. They WANT to keep chemo as standard therapy. Why? Because using chemo makes this industry a $200 billion per year industry. The drugs required to manage side effects are several, & pricey

  2. Prearius

    Thanks for the great lecture. As he said, there’s a lot that needs to told regarding governmental policies and the economics of healthcare. The one thing that’s true for all branches of science is that scientists are the ones who do all the hard word and come up with brilliant solutions, but in the end, the average person cannot benefit from all this because money-minded investors who know shit about science just can’t forsake the least opportunity to make more profit. The bastards.

  3. bigfastfood

    56 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

  4. vaccineshurtbabies

    If this vaccien or these vaccines were shown to be effective, it would be a world first for a vaccine to actually prevent a disease. The chances of this being the case would be astronomical. I recommend we don’t hold our breath.

  5. DirzoRasec

    Can dendritic cells also be used to creat a vaccine for HIV?

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