Unlock Computer Frozen by Everest University Online

By | March 14, 2017

Most of our users ask questions about their laptops getting frozen given by Everest University online in loan to own program. So we have decided to share some tips and possible causes and solutions to this problem.

How To Know If Your Computer Is Locked By Everest University Online

It is very easy to find out if you are encountering real hardware problem or it is officially blocked by university itself. Locked computer display white screen as soon as boot up with a message

This computer has been locked by Everest online university contact us immediately

You can see your cursor and can move it but it will not work. Your keyboard will also be dysfunctional.

Possible Causes and Solutions

One of the most common problem that causes frozen computer by Everest online is unpaid tuition fees. Most of the time your loan provider is showing you full payment of tuition fees but actually it has not been paid fully. What you can do is contact them and ask for the reason. If this is the case than ask for the proof from your loan provider and send them to university. If you are not settling your fees after graduation by will, than there is no solution to this problem. You should clear your dues or return the laptop you have given in loan to own program.

Hope it helps. If you are looking for more info, you can contact them on official website of Everet University

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