university’s that use online classes?

By | November 4, 2015

my school relies a whole lot on a 3rd party programs to teach us. i have never communicated to any professor too much because they refer me back to that company and seems to dodge my questions. for example we use my math lab, i feel more comfortable to pay that company and get a degree from there if they were a institution than my university. after all i am learning much of what i learn from these 3rd party programs. why doesn’t these software companies just become schools. every one of my classes i have had the bulk of the work due threw these companies. professors are getting lazy. or is this what sets public university from high end schools. almost like half ass teaching, they teach the easy to understand stuff but when hard subjects come along then they refer to programs like these so they can pick up more classes and not actually have to teach anything. feels like a scam.

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One thought on “university’s that use online classes?

  1. Fifi Depue

    You must be able to spell Universities correctly for a start.

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