University of Phoenix Online Teaching Program?

By | September 29, 2015

I am considering getting my Master Degree in Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix. I want to be a 7-8 grade Math teacher (in Ohio). I am just wondering if anyone has received their degree from UoP and have been successfully in obtaining a teaching position?

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4 thoughts on “University of Phoenix Online Teaching Program?

  1. sciteach

    Be careful, some districts will not honor a degree from an online school. My district will not accept anything from Univ. of Phoenix. Have you tried Marygrove College? It offers distance learning so all materials are sent to you at home and you work at your own pace. There are due dates but you decide when to do the work. Good luck!

  2. travelingman

    Many on-line programs, such as “University of Phoenix” are not accepted by all states, districts, and institutions. Check with your particular state’s department of education to find out if they will accept a particular program.

    On the other hand there are many major institutions of learning (universities) that have on-line or distance learning programs. Run a Google search for any in your particular state and as these programs are already recognized in each state in which they reside the degrees they grant will also be recognized.

  3. pghbob555

    I actually spoke at great lengths with UofP admission counselor. It turned out to be a HUGE sales pitch. They kept calling me back even after I told them I wasn’t interested. I finally had to hang up on them and ignore the phone. I would not deal with them for a Master’s program. I also do not believe that most institutions find them to be a reputable school. Make sure that you check them out completely.

  4. flippy w

    I did not want to go to UOP at first (for my Masters in Ed) but I am a military spouse and UOP was the only school out there that worked to meet my needs. They have contracts with all of the Dodds schools (schools for military children) so that student teaching would be no problem for me even overseas.
    Because of their reputation, I was still worried. I don’t know which base we are going to next, so I called Dept. Ed in several states to ask if they accepted UOP (Ohio was one of those states) and every single HR person said yes and that most of thier current teachers complete their CE’s through UOP and more and more teachers were getting their masters through them.
    Like anyone else, I do not want to go through a masters program only to discover I can’t get a job. I used several resources to decide if it was a good move for me, and all signs pointed to yes. I am not saying that everyone should go to this school, or that it does not do things that warrant the skepticism but I am saying that they are just as accredited, offer valid courses, offer free study guides for the cert. tests and have contracts with tons of schools for student teaching. Also, I have what is called an education specialist and she helps me take care of everything I need to meet my certification requirements. I will be starting student teaching this fall, and so far, I am very happy with my program. It feels legit to me, even though it is very much like a corporation. In the end, once I get a job…who cares if they were like a business or not?
    Eventually, I am going to get a degree in Administration and by then, so many other schools will finally jump on board the convenience train, and I will look for a cheaper school to get my D or MA through.
    Until then, UOP is meeting all of my needs.
    I would say that you should call your HR departments in your area and simply ask. Some people posted here that their states would not take online schools, but I have not ever lived in a state where that was ever an issue. Still, you should check. It is not difficult to do. Just call HR’s for districts in your area.
    I hope this helps.

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