University of Maryland University College Degree worth it?

By | August 28, 2015

I’m currently a full-time employee of IBM. I graduated with an Associates Degree in Computer Science in 2009. I want to complete a Bachelor’s Degree but working 50+ hour weeks I can’t see doing this attending day classes. I’ve been looking for online programs and stumbled upon UMUC (University of Maryland University College). I want a Bachelor’s Degree so that one day I may possibly transfer to IBMs software group or if worse comes to worse and I’m laid off, I wanted to have a Bachelor’s on my resume. I just wanted to know everyone’s thought on UMUC and if it’s a degree that will count for something or is it just a waste of my time. Thanks in advance.


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3 thoughts on “University of Maryland University College Degree worth it?

  1. DJ. Terrific

    UMUC is probably the only online school that you can trust. Their sole purpose is to help adults who don’t have the time to do the traditional college route.

  2. PE2008

    UMUC is legitimate, but in my opinion it’s reputation is dropping because it offers degrees in trendy quasi-academic fields that have nothing to do with traditional university study — things like “Fire Science, “Computer Security”, etc.
    In my view these should be Certificate programs, not degrees. Students who get these degrees are not educated university graduates in any meaningful sense.

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