UC Men’s Octet – Men in Tights

By | August 10, 2015

UC Berkeley Men’s Octet at UC Choral Ensembles’s annual A Cappella for AIDS 2006 (originally from Fall Show set 2005)

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25 thoughts on “UC Men’s Octet – Men in Tights

  1. silverbab3

    nice choreography! Haha this definitely just made my morning.

  2. nitzanFB

    you convert it to MP3 and download it to you cellphone (:

  3. imaevildoctor

    omg yes, they did the can can part

  4. Chr1sR0s3

    where can i find an arrangement for this???

  5. tomer20072

    we’re men – we’re men in tights (tight -tights!!)…

  6. MichaelaLeach

    they are manly men…. well except for that one guy.

  7. MissObserver777

    How do I make that my RINGTONE????

  8. cocoplushugzz

    it’s called being creative. they had to change it around to punch the guy at the end.

  9. cocoplushugzz

    By far my favorite song that you guys sing :D

  10. firerosefairy

    We’re men (except for him!) We’re men in ti-i-ights… I love these guys SO DAMN MUCH!!

  11. MichelleVasquez55

    I love the movie this came from. They did a great job!

  12. Jekelstheory

    i must have the sheet music for this song!… i want to perform it on a subway with some friends… anyone know where i can find sheet music for this? lol

  13. Gabebigdog

    Where Men (except for him.) Leg-end-ary.

  14. reesa1977

    Omg!! that was great!!! you guys are freakin awsome!!! Great voices and very funny!!

  15. butthole2435

    that is amazing. i love that movie and the song : )

  16. skatinanwaitin

    you made me lose the game!! no!

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