[UC Berkeley] Welcome to Berkeley

By | October 28, 2015

Who are our UC Berkeley freshmen? What did it take for them to get to Cal?

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25 thoughts on “[UC Berkeley] Welcome to Berkeley

  1. tryanjohnson

    Good luck. Berkeley is the best. Worst case scenario, you’ll be happy when you leave -and well prepared for the world!

  2. rkartist6341

    “Go back to your rat infested backyard (New Yorka)

    Lots of peace and love. LOL

  3. gmderieg

    the last two coments are from people who could not get in. UC Berkeley is the most prestigious public university in the world, and has the best graduate program among all universities.

  4. naughtyice

    don’t buy what they are trying to sell you

    berkeley isn’t everything people

  5. kulyia

    can i ask what ur gpa was?? and other important stuff? lol..jc

  6. jaeshim1

    I got into CAL BERKELEY, and yes it took a lot of hard work!!!
    But, in the end it’s all worth it :)

  7. Rahooligan92

    I pray every day, and I am working as hard as possible to make it into Berkeley. Although my GPA is decent [3.7 unweighred], my extracurriculars are great, and so are my test scores. I just hope my personality can show to the guys at the admissions office, and I can get in.

  8. uhhuhcheckit

    Maybe you would for a social scene. But, if you go to college for academics, Berkeley is phenomenal!

  9. shackleton555

    you brought up SUCH a good point. I am so glad you mentioned this. You have given me hope and i am sure many others, because what you have said is absolute truth.

  10. tulipsxw2

    I hope you really didn’t listen to your college advisor. My grades are high and I have really good extracirricular activities but my SATs aren’t extremely high. What’s unique about Berkeley is that they will take everything into consideration and you never know what could happen. I hope you applied because anything can happen and if you did, I wish you good luck. I can’t wait for my letters!

  11. cnyeas

    How do you know he does? Data? Evidence? Observations? Experiments?

  12. lateralPerception

    He does, open the eyes of your eyes!

  13. Atoweha

    yea my college advisor told me that i would not make it even tho my grades and SAT scores are higher than the average student at Berkley

  14. SFforlife

    I wish I could go to Berkeley..it’s always been my favorite school. I’m a Senior in HS right now…not that it matters, I won’t get into Cal….sigh.

  15. Kratosauron0

    Very interesting video.
    Unfortunately, “A Lot of Hard Work” isn’t exactly that specific. Average GPAs? SAT scores? Extracurricular activities? Obviously, you need a lot of work, but…

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