UC Berkeley Blackout – Monday, March 1, 2010 – Part (1/2)

By | August 24, 2013

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19 thoughts on “UC Berkeley Blackout – Monday, March 1, 2010 – Part (1/2)

  1. ssusauv20

    I have to agree with what the students at Berkeley are protesting. Even though racism supposedly ended before our generation, there are still cases of racism that happen today. Yes, I know that we have an African-American president, but look at all the disparaging remarks people have said about him since he came into office. These protestors have a right to stand up for their rights as students at their college.

  2. sfbarry25

    @vicrattlehead07 I hope you know this has nothing to do with slavery. This has to do with racism that is going on now. you are saying the black community needs to move on from the issue? well what about the white community who caused all of this. The same community who hung the nooses up in the first place, who threw the Compton cookout, and who participated in the hate crimes. The black community wants nothing more than to move on but the white community actions are what causes all of this.

  3. ChannelAmsterdam

    I’m sorry but this is in California. Hispanics are all that matter in California now.

    Look at how FAT these “people” are!!!

    End food stamps! They are eating themselves to death!

  4. SuperMoneymaker95

    This is a really good reason to skip class

  5. SuperMoneymaker95

    Are they serious about this? Everyone gets made fun of ever day, get over it. All you doing is bringing hatred out of this, pointing out blacks only.

  6. urboboy

    I wish they would go to the movies with those gags on.

    It’s a joke, relax everyone.

  7. wricky28

    @ Vic
    No one said that we as a black community haven’t moved on… look at our president… second if you don’t understand what this is all about than shut the hell up and sit down… wait you probably are sitting down so just walk away from your? computer or turn it off because what you say is that retarded

  8. vicrattlehead07

    These people are crying foul and what do they do? play the race card!! complete retards! they are not doing the black community any favors! gah… these regressives are boring! I have to trun off the audio…racism is wrong bla, bla, bla…these race baitor are morons! we live in the greatest country on the planet yet these dimwits cry foul night and day… slavery ended 150 years ago move the fuck ON!!!! every race and creed come to this country and flourish WTF?? are some people more special?


    well, u shouldn’t pay attention to the ignorant

  10. benmacabre

    The U.S government should drop a nuclear bomb right on the heads of those communists. Berkeley is of Satan.

  11. hastious

    just asking

    All I see is latinos and white boys call us monkeys.



    yes, as everyone else should! r u doubting or are you asking?

  13. 35slave

    the compton cook out is the least of your problems. will you have jobs after college is the real issue.

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