Two hour trip at 25 weeks pregnant?

By | November 11, 2015

I HAVE to take a stupid 2 hour ONE WAY trip tomorrow….(So its 4 hours total lol). What do I need to take with me?

I have:
A banana
2 apples
3 bottles of water

And to do:
My laptop to work on some school work (online college courses)
College Algebra

Any other suggestions?? Quick, its almost time for bed!!
A blanket and pillow are standard on all my trips, even 30 minute ones haha sorry I forgot that!

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13 thoughts on “Two hour trip at 25 weeks pregnant?


    i would bring a pillow too and make sure to stretch your legs and move around often. Have a safe trip!

  2. ~MayBaby2009~

    I would say maybe a little more to eat but inless your willing to buy stuff but other than that, that seems fine :0 just make sure you get up and walk after that ride for 10 minutes or so….good luck and have fun!

  3. Ivan B

    stop and get out to walk as much as possible along the way for circulation.

  4. Mommy of 5 kids and 1 angel

    More water!! More more more more more!!!
    Crossword puzzle or book.
    Ipod or some kind of music.
    A hand held game?
    Pillow or blanket?
    Hand sanitizer. Some of the restroom stops are disgusting off of high ways.

    Good luck and enjoy the ride!

  5. Dsjafkldjks G

    bring some cheetos. dose are always good for ya. bring some condomss, never know when your gonna need em. bring some pumpkin pies too, i like those. see ya there.

  6. storm_goddess23

    I took a two hour trip one way when I 21 weeks pregnant. Just make sure u take enough stuff to make YOU feel comfortable. Drinks, snacks, pillows and what not. Make sure to stop at least one for a bathroom break.

  7. crystal flake

    pillow and a little blanket, and some music, (ipod,mp3 ect.) book,snacks..

  8. Wishing for #1 (38wks)

    luckily at 25 weeks pregnancy should have zero effect on your travel. I drove from texas to seattle, 10-16hrs each day at 34weeks and it was a breeze. I also flew alot until 36 weeks, again, no issues, no different being pregnant vs. not being pregnant. So at 25 weeks the baby is far to small to make a difference. have a fun and safe travel

  9. lightofthelamb777

    I would bring and eat first some sort of nuts (if you like them) and some sort of raw veggies to start with rather than eating the fruit first because sugars (natural or not) cause a rise in blood sugar and you definitely don’t want to risk diabetes in pregnancy or any other time for that matter. Are you driving or riding by public transportation….? If you are using public transportation you might want to bring some sort of small pillow to make yourself more comfortable.

  10. tigergirl

    I really think you will be fine with what you have ….,maybe a bit more to eat.. but i do that everytime i have an antinatal check – seems a long time but its not really…

  11. tickled

    Take some crackers. Would be good if you end up with heartburn from sitting and eating fruit that can be acidic. Crackers would settle the tummy and soak up the water

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