Traditional colleges with online degrees?

By | October 23, 2015

I know there are many online degree programs out there (University of Phoenix, American University, and a host of others), but does anybody know of a good website to help find traditional brick and mortar universities that offer some degree programs online? Typing in online college into google always brings up the same usual suspects.

I’m looking for an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree program in computer science, with 100% online curriculum.

Thanks in advance.

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2 thoughts on “Traditional colleges with online degrees?

  1. CoachT

    Two really good search tools are:

    * US News

    Useful discussion and commentary can be found at:
    * DegreeDiscussion (frequented by some of the leading names in distance learning)
    * eLearning Pundit (often the first place to learn of new programs)
    * (a reviewer of distance programs and “best buys”)

    With over 3/4 of all colleges teaching online these days, don’t forget to look at your local community college and state U.

    Add; PE wrote: “That site is also saturated with obsessed pro-online education cranks.” just as YAnswers seems to be saturated with antionline “cranks” – sometimes it’s good to get both views and weigh them. YAnswers also seems to be saturated with people that would tell you that only a degree from one of the Top 10 in one of the 5 highest demand occupations is worth getting and that the other 4000+ colleges and 100′s of majors are a waste of time. Imagine that.

  2. PE2008

    There aren’t many CAC/ABET-accredited online degrees in Computer Science. Florida State University’s degree is prominent. Chico State’s program was recently suspended.

    Master’s online CS degrees are more common. This follows an emerging consensus that online may be better suited to graduate studies, AFTER a good on-campus undergraduate education is received. I would not hire a CS grad whose undergraduate degree was obtained totally online.

    “* DegreeDiscussion (frequented by some of the leading names in distance learning)”

    That site is also saturated with obsessed pro-online education cranks.

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