Top 10 Disadvantages Of Distance Learning

By | August 14, 2015

Although distance learning offers more people have access to higher education, it is not all advantages and benefits. Distance education is cost, need for compromise and self-motivation is the key to success. However, when you accept and understand the damage these distance learning, they can easily cross. 1. Distance education requires self-motivation. Since distance education is flexible, you have good organization, planning and work needed to compromise. Educational leadership the United States, in 2006, to a certain extent, that the development of education in the network quoted the students “need more discipline to succeed in online courses.” There is no coach sitting in front of you, but you still need to complete their working hours. Like all other forms of learning, there are deadlines to meet, “given time” to test and work “off the drop-down box” is completed. Whether the compromise, you can easily get a zero! The most mature of the time distance education learners motivation to participate in the traditional classroom does not fit 2. Distance education is that you do not provide direct access to the coach. Some students fear that personal contact with the coaches know what to do, such as requiring the question after class. Although distance education is often at any time you coach a chance, e-mail or online chat. In the human exposure to the traditional classroom set up their own fears, until your loss of education and communication are common to this mode. 3. Distance education is different. However, you are filled with students, online education, and change the dynamics of interactive virtual classroom. Or do you think of a different long-distance education is only when you run a program to send e-mail to follow-up, but there’s message boards and networking groups, we have the opportunity to participate in the discussion. Your teachers and other students for the first time missed his face – in the face to face contact, Web collaboration, but many students could fill this gap 4. Distance Education requires you to stable and reliable access to technology. Students in general to obtain the necessary equipment to complete course requirements is necessary. For example, an online course requires a computer with Internet access. CD or DVD, a course content, you need a multimedia player. Technical requirements, some students may feel overwhelmed and people with disabilities to meet the demanding not fully know how to use computers, may be. Are not familiar with the environment and learn to deal with technical problems and may lead to stress and frustration, but these barriers in many ways. 5. Distance education is not an immediate reply. In the traditional classroom, through the immediate problems and informal tests to evaluate the performance of students in the establishment. As the distance education students, waiting to respond to a review of its work and the coach has been answered. 6. Distance education has always been to provide all the necessary on-line courses. Students carry out all the necessary distance learning courses specific certificate or degree, are not used, it is not for all subjects may be appropriate. For example, you study the lessons of history entirely online, but you can not perform nursing clinicals online. For some courses, physical classroom attendance will be a required course. 7. Distance education could be considered by a particular employer. While the majority of employers acknowledge distance learning, or some employers. Graduate students for a particular employer should ensure that the employer’s point of view of online education. 8. Hidden costs. If you work in the Army and your boat, learning sent to this additional type of transport and handling costs may be required to restore the material in advance. 9. Distance education should be recognized. You are a serious threat, because they recognize that your program fraud, illegal level, to issue does not follow to take distance learning. Not all of the distance education effective – many “degree factories”, that is not recognized. Perhaps the most important aspects of the investigation, and then join a distance education institution that. 10. Distance education is not to give verbal communication skills, students will have the opportunity to work. In the distance learning students and other students of the course, do not practice oral interview. Many studies the effectiveness of distance learning courses, traditional classroom training – or better. Approximately one-third of academic leaders recently surveyed believe that online education results better than the traditional knowledge of the atmosphere. However, the challenge, overcome any choice of learning through distance education can be.

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