To become a high school math teacher?

By | August 24, 2015

A relative is currently taking one course per semester to be a high school math teacher in future. Last semester she took sociology and this semester she is taking psychology. She is looking at taking an online course in the summer and then possibly two other courses in the Fall. At this rate, how long would it take her to get a degree to teach math? Is psychology and sociology really part of getting the degree?
She is 25 now and works full time during the day. Years ago she had dropped out of school, went back and got her GED. She only started to take a night class last Fall taking sociology. Then in the Spring psychology. I just asked her last night what she was aiming for and she said to become a math teacher.

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One thought on “To become a high school math teacher?

  1. mamianka

    Unless she already has many courses completed, this will take here FOREVER. Most college programs require around 120 credits – at 12 per year – that’s ten years. Taking independent courses is usually NOT part of a matriculated program, and most colleges will not allow you to use courses from SO many years ago, to be applied to your major. Yes, psychology and sociology are required in most states. But that is not the issue here – it is the dragging-out of the program that is the problem.

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