they gave me a degree but it is not recognize from my country ,read university letter it is very harsh? ?

By | September 1, 2015

my letter to university

I had degree in risk management from west Clayton university my # xxxxxxxxxx but when I send it to Saudi culture office in Washington DC for creditedtation they reply that west Clayton is university is not recognize From US and Saudi governments so all 28 years service in safety and all money I lost are gone !

this is west clayton university replyed to my letter

Dear Sir, You knew very well before you enroll that our university is online university and that our university is NOT recognized in your country, so why you enrolled ! You knew very well there is no study or exams, so blame yourself only. We cant help you. Kind Regards Caroline TaylorWest Clayton UniversityAdmission Officer

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6 thoughts on “they gave me a degree but it is not recognize from my country ,read university letter it is very harsh? ?

  1. irishvet

    If its not recognised, its not recognised. Simple as that.

  2. Corporate Mom

    I’m sorry. It is very important to make sure you go to an accredited university if you ever want your credits to transfer, especially to the U.S. I used to work for a guy who had a degree in Chemistry in India, but when he moved here the U.S. didn’t recognize his degree. He had to start over in something else here and now he owns his own business. Usually online university degrees aren’t worth anything.

  3. john n

    You’ve been caught in a scam.
    It’s common knowledge that a diploma or certificate from an online university is only really good for puffing up a cv for a potential employer who won’t check the status of the school, or lining your birdcage.
    The only real recourse you have is to file fraud charges. You can only do that if you were misled by the school and weren’t advised that the school wasn’t recognized. If you are successfully in proving that case, you would then be able to bring on a civil suit to recoup monies that you’ve lost to the school. From the response alone, I would get the impression that you didn’t deal with an organization that’s above board.
    After having done a little research, it’s become apparent to me that the accreditation issue isn’t very clear. The websites of some of the online schools claim to have accreditation, while others fail to mention it altogether.
    The other very strange thing is the response from the school. It is very direct and leaves no room for misinterpretation; you’re on your own. What I find interesting is that I have a relative who is Assistant Registrar at McGill University. She is university – educated and fluent in several languages. She would never send a response to a student that was as blatantly blunt and grammatically incorrect to boot.

  4. anon

    ummm… sucked in.

    did u actually read the site?

    how much did u pay?

  5. derdaktari

    A couple of things do not make sense:
    First, you spent 28 years on a degree?
    Second, did you retype the university letter or did you paraphrase it? I doubt that any university official in the US would send out a letter with such poor grammar.

    ok, now that this is said…
    the West Clayton U website clearly states that its’ accreditation is:

    International Distance learning accrediting Association
    Regional Education Accrediting Commission

    Neither of these are recognized by the US Department of Education through the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (

    Generally if the institution is accredited by a CHEA approved agency, it is ok everywhere, but there are no guarantees. If the Saudi government decided that a Harvard degree was no good, you could not do anything about it….

    When you sign up at a college, you sign a document that includes language to the effect that you have received, read, and understand a catalog, student handbook etc. Since the catalog includes a statement on accreditation, you did acknowledge that you knew.

    It is a case of ‘buyer beware’ and you my friend, got the shaft. Her letter (and again, I question if that was the exact text) was factually correct. her tone, well, unprofessional to say the least.

    I feel sorry for you, but if something seems too easy (no study and no exams) then it might not be real. Consider this a lesson learned.

    Moving forward, you could enroll in a duly accredited online institution for a real degree. (go to for a list of US accredited distance learning schools). I would suggest Western Governors Univ, since they have options that allow you to earn credit for various competencies. WGU is also regionally accredited.

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