Texas Community College to University of California?

By | September 19, 2015

Wow, I dont know how to put this. I really want to start pulling hair out right now…Heres the situation… Barney style

GOAL: Transfer into UC Davis

SITUATION: I’m a California resident in the military finishing a degree with Central Texas College overseas. AAS in Criminal Justice

PROBLEM: I just found out half the classes I have taken dont even trasnfer to Texas State because its a “Technical & Vocational” course. I have 2 and half years to fix this problem… which may seem like a lot of time for a normal person, but theres this little thing called “Stop Loss” which will act like a VERY BIG speed bump for me.

ASSISTANCE: Should I transfer to taking online courses with Coastline Community College (California CC that gives online courses) or try to get a General Studies degree from Central Texas (and hope the general education courses transfer).

What do you suggest, think and why?
I should’ve clarified… California resident stationed overseas

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One thought on “Texas Community College to University of California?

  1. Bill

    I would transfer to Coastline and maybe even attend there if you can. Not only will you be guaranteed of it transferring to UC Davis – but California CC students get priority transfer admission – you may even qualify for guaranteed admission.


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