Taking Geometry in online summer school?

By | December 5, 2015

I’m going to try and take Geometry in next year’s summer school so I can get into Algebra 2/Trigonometry for 10th grade. I would take it at a local high school but I’m already going to take PE 2 at a local high school so that along with Algebra 2/Trigonometry H, I can also take Physics H. There’s one thing though, on the course list for my school is says if you get an A in Geometry you just go to regular Algebra 2, will the counselor let me go from regular Geometry in summer school to Algebra 2/Trig H? I believe it’s doable, since I went from Pre-Algebra in 8th grade to Algebra 1 Honors in 9th grade even though the 8th to 9th grade placement said I should be in Algebra 1. But do you think I will have to convince my counselor I can do it? Also, is online Geometry hard? (Yes I already said this question before, but I didn’t get any answers except spam answers.)

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