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Yale, Harvard, MIT / International??

Chance me at Harvard, MIT and / or Yale THANKS! Stats: International Student (Hispanic) UW GPA: 3.8 Expected SAT I : 2000 SAT II: SPANISH 800 SAT II: US HISTORY 700 SAT II: ITALIAN 620 My school does not rank but i believe i am in the TOP 10% Good EC’s (in leadership. ex: class… Read More »

Do college just sell Admit ticket to class. Free classes from MIT, BERKELEY, STANFORD, YALE UCLA.?

google: free, digital lectures from colleges. U see: 1. professor giving lectures. 2. students taking notes. 3. blackboard where note is written. all colleges are basically the same. $200,000 to watch someone give a lecture when all it is free. college should be free. especially public colleges paid with tax money. university of california, michigan,… Read More »