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does all graduate students in harvard, MIT, stanford..etc were undergraduates from prestigious universities?

do i have to be in a prestigious university in my undergraduate studies in order to have a chance to be admitted at one of those graduate universities? i’lm an undergraduate student still didnt begin my studies (my senior year in highschool)wiill be in oregon state university engineering and i wanna prepare my self from… Read More »

Are students who are only taking online courses able to join a fraternity/sorority?

just curious, because i noticed a lot of people are attending college but are taking online courses, some are even taking courses to a college in a different state. Would they be eliglible to join a fraternity or sorority on that campus? I would like to get answers from those actually in a greek organization,… Read More »

BlueSky Online School Students Discuss Their Experiences Attending MN’s First Virtual High School

www.blueskyschool.org Students discuss their experiences at mn’s bluesky Virtual Online High School and their plans after graduation. bluesky students are students LIKE YOU! bluesky students come from a variety of backgrounds and have many different reasons for needing the flexibility and personalized attention of an online education. bluesky will provide you with an extraordinary education… Read More »