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I have a life probelem. Need some smart people who know about the world to help me here please!?

This is my dilemma. I need a solution immediately. Please … solve away for me !! Alright, I am currently a Canadian citizen. Born in Canada. 18 years old. (And a girl, if it makes any difference) My goal (which cannot be compromised) is to become an FBI in Washington. To so this I need… Read More »

Where in Phoenix can I find people who are smart, sophisticated, cultured and mannered?

I’m from Boston, which has a plethora of world-class, universities, a diverse and well-educated population, tons of history and culture, and fine cuisine from all over the world. I think I might have made the mistake of my life by moving to Phoenix. Boston has Harvard, MIT, Boston College, Boston University, Wellesley and Northeastern among… Read More »

Demystifying and De-Jargoning the Smart Grid

January 13, 2010 – Efran Ibrahim, Technical Executive at the Electric Power Research Institute, engages the rapidly evolving discussion around the Smart Grid by separating core issues involved in system development and implementation from abundant hype and speculation, a perspective based on his experience with EPRI’s seminal Intelligrid program. Stanford University www.stanford.edu Electric Power Research… Read More »