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Search Funds – State of the Market: Panel Discussion

Two investors and a current searcher discuss the state of the market for raising a search fund and acquiring a small business to run. Panelists: Charles Phillips (MBA ’99), Brandon Cope, and Bob Oster. Moderator: GSB Lecturer Peter Kelly (MBA ’89). Resources on Search Funds: www.gsb.stanford.edu Center for Entrepreneurial Studies: www.gsb.stanford.edu Recorded: Oct. 15, 2009

Sun Microsystems Founders Panel

[Recorded Jan 11, 2006] Scott McNealy, Andy Bechtolsheim, Bill Joy and Vinod Khosla, with moderator John Gage share their personal stories of the early days at Sun. When Xerox PARC loaned the Stanford Engineering Department an entire Alto Ethernet network with a laser printer, then-graduate student Andy Bechtolsheim redesigned it into a prototype and attached… Read More »

Can anyone working in Human/Social Services/Mental Health have any tips for a panel interview?

My boss recently offered me a Case Manager Position, and I have not recieved any degree yet. I am attending online classes to get my AA in Psychology; Though honestly, I don’t feel qualified enough to do the job and knowing that there are other candidates with degrees and more likely they posess more experience,… Read More »

Doctorate in Business Recruiting Forum: Panel Discussion

Prospective students gathered at Stanford to learn how their degree in Economics, Mathematics, Engineering, or the Social or Natural Sciences could lead to an academic career in business. Panelists shared insights into a career in business academia and participants heard from business school faculty and current students. Potential students learned about admissions criteria, financial aid,… Read More »

Best Practices for Conducting a Search: Panel Discussion

Search fund entrepreneurs and investors discuss how to conduct a search to maximize the probability of finding and closing an attractive acquisition. Panelists are Rafael Somoza (MBA ’96), Robert Befidi, Jim Southern and Rich Kelley (MBA ’89). Moderated by David Dodson (MBA ’87), Lecturer for Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition. Resources on Search Funds: www.gsb.stanford.edu Center for… Read More »