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One Less Reason For Killing Minke Whales

An analysis of the whales DNA, by a team headed by Stanford researchers, demonstrates that the current population of Antarctic minke whales is within the historical norm of the species over the last 100000 years. There is no evidence of a significant increase in the population of minke whales, the researchers said. Stanford University: www.stanford.edu… Read More »

Fast Online Degrees – 8 Steps to Gaining Your Online Degree in Three Years or Less

Obtained a university degree, is certainly easier, because of modern technology these days is online education. More universities and schools all over the world, is now available online undergraduate degree students, especially the working people and their parents at home who needs through the expansion of education programs are doing. In the past, you will… Read More »

Are their any downsides from going from Conductor position to Management at Norfolk Southern? Is the pay less?

I just got hired and plan on finishing my degree within the next year and a half online. Norfolk Southern says that if I finish my degree they can put me into the management program. That’s my goal, however, their website says that they don’t make as much as conductors but I find it hard… Read More »