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Chance me for berkeley, jhu, duke, cornell, ga tech, rensselaer, university of md, nyu poly, and mit?

I am a white male in Delaware. I want to major in engineering. My scores are: SATI: Math: 770 CR: 700 Writing 710 SATII: Math2 :740 Chem: 710 Rank: 32/385 GPA: 4.25 I have participated in track (2yrs), football (2yrs), psychology club (1), science league (4), and math league (2). i just joined FIRST robotics.… Read More »

Duke University School of Nursing in Second Life

We have built a Second Life® infrastructure that allows faculty and students experiential learning, role-playing, and promotes social interaction, in a collaborative environment in our distance education program. It furthermore supports immersion and presence, allowing real-time teaching and discussion that enhances the mentor/mentee relationship in a simulated learning environment. With virtual environments, we now have… Read More »

Should I go to Duke or MIT?

My number one choice for undergrad is MIT, but its just soooo hard to get in. I need to apply early to a university, and if I applied to Duke, which I also quite like, I will most likely get in, but I would be tied down to Duke. I think I am a qualified… Read More »