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Would I be able to get into UC Berkeley?

I have a GPA of 4.6 and my projected score on the SAT is around 1900-2200. I am in the IB program as well. I don’t have much extra-curricular activities, but have done a lot of community service. Also, I am not a California resident… Would I have a good chance at getting into Berkeley?

Are students who are only taking online courses able to join a fraternity/sorority?

just curious, because i noticed a lot of people are attending college but are taking online courses, some are even taking courses to a college in a different state. Would they be eliglible to join a fraternity or sorority on that campus? I would like to get answers from those actually in a greek organization,… Read More »

Has anyone gone to Western Governors College? Other online programs in computer science and able to find jobs?

I am looking into online programs for computer science. My concern is the quality of the programs and the crediability of the degree to employers when hiring. Other programs I am looking at are University of Maryland University, and other public colleges offering online programs in computer science. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments… Read More »