Steps to having a career in Psychology???

By | November 7, 2015

Okay I am 20 and attend University of Phoenix Online…I am majoring in Health Administration…I am a freshman…I want to be a psychologist and get up to a Ph.D, but was wondering if I had my BA in Health and a MA in Health…then my Ph.D. in Psychology, is that okay? Or do ALL my degrees have to be in psychology??? Please I need help because UOP doesn’t offer degrees in psychology and I need some advice or suggestions…Thanks alot!
I was hoping to get my Ph.D. from Walden University Online after I got my MA from UOP…

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2 thoughts on “Steps to having a career in Psychology???

  1. Lord Fuznut

    If you are hoping to get a Ph.d and you can’t research and find out the rather simple answer for yourself, then I have to say that you stand little chance of obtaining such a high qualification.
    I accept that you may be using this forum as an easy means to aid your own research, however most people in your position, with half a brain, would talk to their tutor about this or do some reading.

  2. Joe J

    I would suggest getting your bachelors in Health, and then trying to find a job where you work with something psycology related. After you’ve done that for a bit, you’ll probably have the resume and experience to apply to medical school for psycology. University of Pheonix online can jumpstart your career, but you’re going to have to get your Ph. D from somewhere else, preferrably a state school.

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