Stanford Autonomous Helicopter Acrobatics

By | September 17, 2015

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22 thoughts on “Stanford Autonomous Helicopter Acrobatics

  1. AnimeAdmirer22

    It’s amazing that something that big can stop and reverse the direction of the propeller in just a fraction of a turn.

  2. AgEnT22OrAnGe

    looks like its spassing out sortta

  3. robertlam18

    It looks like losing control most of the time. I will hide if a PC control a 600 class helicopter near me.

  4. PhazonSouffle

    i wonder how many people are going to complain because you never did a barrel roll

  5. Rickenbacker69

    Human RC pilots do much worse things to helicopters, so no worries there. I wonder if they taught it how to autorotate if the engine quits, though…

  6. djscurge

    Actually, it is quite autonomous, see the video “Autonomous Helicopters Teach Themselves to Fly Stunts” from stanforduniversity. It learns from a technique called “apprenticeship learning”

  7. chemicalBR0

    subdcc since i commented on this video I seen the other video and it has to learn from a human pilot.
    so in effect its still programmed.

    if you show it how to do an elevator flip….
    then show it how to do a stationary pirouette.
    will it invent a chaos?
    theres no denying its a cool project I was merely commenting on the use of the word autonimous “learning helicopter” would be a better phrase
    if you turned it on without showing it anything what would it do?

  8. subdcc

    read the paper? don’t sound like you know how exactly it is done. Actually IMHO autonomous system can use distributed environment and well… IT ALWAYS DOES. It is just a matter of amount of data being sent. Why? because even Mars’ Rover is sending data to Earth even it is “completely” autonomous (when it failed in early days due to filesystem error, they had to re-patch it remotely, so it is distributed by design at many levels of abstraction).

  9. G2Loq1

    Nice but with all that technology, why not choosing electric brushless motor and lipo battery ? ;)
    Just sound/smokeless!

  10. chemicalBR0

    i don’;t see how its Autonomous its very obviously an RC helicopter.(looks like a raptor).by the looks of it you have the transmitter hooked up to some kind of computer system and the moves are pre programmed then sent to the reciever. that is NOT Autonomous
    the definition of Autonomous is.
    self-governing; independent; subject to its own laws ONLY.
    It didn’t invent these 3d moves on its own. a human did then programmed it to do them. (where’s the fun in that)
    Id rather watch Alan Szabo :)

  11. anyeos

    Are it changing the rotation direction of the helix so fast? There is not risk of breaking it down?

  12. incekt

    Any links to the software development or the hardware/interfacing?

  13. trxspirit

    start with upright, get up a little, punch the cyclic back and add in negative pitch

    that’s an inverted take off

  14. averyellis

    i’d like to see those graphics in action.

    how does an inverted takeoff work?

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