sonography distance program?

By | October 13, 2015

i really want to become an ultrasound technician but theres no schools in my area.
i was thinking about doing the online program @ cambridge institute of allied health in delrey beach.

or i also could do the distance program @ hilsbrough community college in tampa

they both are accredited
im just worried about not having a teacher there to physically teach me
& not getting the lab time from campus.
im also worried about getting a job with an online//distance degree.
& not learning enough from my computer.

should i just get an RN degree @ my local community college & then later on do the distance program for general sonography? that way potential employers will see i actually did go to a college. & that way i will have something to fall back on just incase my distance degree isnt taken seriously??
i actually just found out today cambridge needs you to come in after 6 months of home study,
but from what ive heard, some programs let you do all the book work at home and they set up a site at a local hospital for clinicals. you also must participate in alot of online conversation & lectures.

ive decided to get a degree for RN at my local university and after a few years of that im going to do one of these distance programs online. i just want to find the right one. i know that if i also have a degree in nursing and lots of medical experience then ill be taken more seriously. alot of workplaces arent too concerned about where you went to school at, you just must be certified.

i was thinking after i have my RN i can get a job as a nurse at an ob-gyn & wile im studying for sonography, hopefully ill be-able to set up my site there & get alot of hands on experience.
then maby work there…. hmmm??????
i know that now i cant move. but down the road when im ready to start sonography it may be possible.

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2 thoughts on “sonography distance program?

  1. College Coach

    Taking health-related subjects online are tricky, especially with programs like sonography where labs and supervised clinical training and direct patient treatment is a must. Thus it is completely understandable why you would have so many questions and concerns.

    Let it first be said that earning a degree from a regionally ( not nationally) accredited institution like Hilsbrough Community College will most likely settle more with potential employers. That’s not to say that for-profit online schools won’t provide you with a valid education, but unfortunately employers are hesitant in hiring applicants from these schools since there is a bad stigma attached with most online schools. Hopefully that will change soon, but until then— stick with online classes from brick and mortar schools. As far as lectures are concerned, taking an online class is just about the same as when sitting in a traditional setting—your professor will speak, you will wrote notes, and view slides that are posted on a course management site. You can still ask for help form professors and get assistance from fellow classmates via email, chartrooms or video chat as well. There is little difference from when attending a class physically. The real issue will come when it’s time for you to find a hospital that will allow you to get your hands on experience so that you can train with the proper equipment. But do not fear, your online school should be able to help you locate a proper facility that is willing to cooperate. For more information about earning a sonography degree online and how to find the best school imaginable, click here:

    With that said, if you are still nervous about taking an online class then by all means major in nursing. It is a very lucrative career to pursue at the moment since there is a shortage of nurses in the nation.

  2. Leigh23

    Are you sure that their DMS program is online? I checked the accreditation site, and you’re right, both programs are listed. But I highly doubt that you can complete this program online. Ultrasound is very hands-on, you have to learn how to scan, not just learn about it. It requires tons of time in the lab and at clinical on top of what you read in a book. I would be extremely wary of an online ultrasound program, period.

    Is there no way you can commute or relocate just while you’re in school? It would definitely be worth it.

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