Should we have a baby?

By | August 4, 2015

I am 25, married to my husband for 5 years. We have steady jobs with benefits, and both are completing school online – he was in the Marines before this and I’m finishing my teaching degree.

I am a teacher, full time. Next year I will student teach in my own classroom. I love my job and am happy with our life. We’ve talked about having children but decided to wait each time. Lately though, we’ve both decided we’d like them whenever, and are excited about having one. I really would love to add a little one to our home.

However, I’m wondering if it’s irresponsible to try to have a baby while working full time and completing school. I would probably need/want to continue to work after our baby was born. DH has 2 week days off, so we would only need coverage 3 days a week from 11am-4pm.

If I got pregnant this month, I would have 1 1/2 months with our child before going back to work. After that, I would have to take unpaid time off of work to have a baby.

Is it even feasible to work as a teacher and have a baby at home? What about night feedings, crying, etc? How do you handle that and work?

We really want to make the right decision, even though everyone keeps telling us there never is a “right” time to have a baby.

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6 thoughts on “Should we have a baby?

  1. TyTy

    i know everyone does say that there is never a “right time to have a baby”.. but they are in fact RIGHT-haha. If you both want a baby, then why not?? But if you are having doubts, then maybe you guys should wait a couple of more years! Good luck!!

  2. Spider w

    There is never a right time to have a baby. By the time life is perfect and money and time aren’t an issue, you’re ready to retire.

    My sister in law is a teacher and had a baby, a good friend of mine also. Just be prepared to pay for daycare. But at least you would have all summer with your baby, and a teacher’s day is pretty set in stone.

    Good Luck if you decide to try. :)

  3. Angie29

    I don’t think it’s irresponsible at all to try for a baby while working full time and completing school. The fact that you’re even asking that shows a level of responsibility that escapes many. I had friends taking a full load of classes and working a job that got pregnant, and it didn’t slow them down at all. What I’ve heard is that if you wait for the “right” time to have a baby, you’ll be retired! If you’re ready, go for it!

  4. Kay <3

    I agree with TyTy. A teacher of mine last year had a child and she had a class discussion about well, basically her dilemma. She ended up taking a year off of teaching (the school assured her her job back) and is back this year only to find out she’s pregnant again! But she couldn’t be happier. :) The year was to condition the baby to get it used to their/her mother. Typically speaking it’s good to be in your chils life from when it’s 1-3 years old. But seeing as you would only need the childed sitted for 3 days out of a week.. it’s your call. Sometimes the unexpected is exciting, both my sisters were and they wouldn’t have had it any other way. With the crying and feeding, you need to process the baby with that (that’s why the year of would be perfect). Good luck!!

  5. TLHam

    I was told by my mom and mother in law when me and my husband decided to start trying that if you wait for the “right” time to have a baby you will be waiting your whole life. They are full of unexpected things that you cant always account for. Yes you should be financially stable and be able to care for yourself and for a baby, but you can never be sure when the exact right moment is. I say if it is something you both want and are willing to take on the responsiblity you will be able to make it work!!

    Good Luck!! ;-)

  6. littlestar

    Like others have said it, there is never a “good’ time to have a baby. There is always bills to be paid and never enough time. I am a ece educator and a mom. It’s not easy, but it is worth it.
    Kids are a lot of work and it cost money but if you and your husband work and have benefits, you will be fine. But have kids if you are both on the same page and both are emotionally ready to have a kid. Children take a lot of time and lots of patience. I have been a pre-k teacher and worked in daycares, it is totally different. You have 24/7 a baby to care and nurture for.If you feel that you want maybe a year or two for couple time, do it. You are still young and it can wait.
    You questioning impending motherhood shows a lot of maturity and being really responsible. You know that parenthood is a lifelong process and I think when the time comes, you will be a great mom.
    But if you aren’t sure that you are ready to be a mom, I think shows that maybe you need to wait.
    Good luck and God bless you :)

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