Should I Quit College for LPN licensure?

By | November 8, 2015

Hello All! So I have a rough situation here. I’m currently attending online classes at Kapln University. Its almost time for me to graduate, within 6 months and sometimes I feel like I don’t even know the material. College has been a great experience but I’m second guessing my major.

I used to go to State Tested Nurse Aid school in high school – I liked it back then, however I dropped the medical field bc I tried Medical Assistant school and the big needles freaked me out a little! In high school we used to poke the dolls, in Medical Assistant school we poked real people! Plus being an adult while in Medical Assistant school, I had to work full time (30 hrs per week) – I think it burned me out.

Now my main question is – Do I quit working on my associates degree to attend nursing school which will only take 12 months or so. With my Associates, I have no exam to take in order to receive my diploma. With nursing I have a huge exam to take in order to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. I actually change my major every single day, so my thoughts can be totally different when I wake up. However I always see nurses walking around in their scrubs, sipping their Starbucks, and I wonder what their paychecks are like! I’d like to be a nurse – I always wanted to be but my dreams stopped bc I didn’t think it was possible, now it is! Please help me guys!

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2 thoughts on “Should I Quit College for LPN licensure?

  1. PE2008

    Kaplan Univerity is a “great experience”??

    Kaplan is a worthless for-profit school. You’ve wasted your time and money.
    Employers often throw all job applications listing a Kaplan degree directly into the trash.

    If you really want a decent career in Nursing, taking a full two-year RN diploma.

  2. TokersCandor

    An LPN possibly saved my life, when a doctor mis-diagnosed me. I’m inclined to like them.

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