should i graduate early from the high school?

By | August 17, 2015

Hi, my parents are planning on going on a long trip(about six months) in the year I am gonna be in grade 12. I seriously wanna go with them, but then I might have to graduate about one semester early. Is it possible at all? I am gonna take online courses and maybe summer school. I would have to drop out of some of option classes I am taking for fun. And would it affect my university? I am planning on going to medical school. PLEASE HELP ME!

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3 thoughts on “should i graduate early from the high school?

  1. Josh O

    If the trip means that much to you and is worth not graduating with your friends by all means study up and get your GED, but just sayin, a high school diploma looks better than a GED but do what you think means the most to you

  2. Jenna M

    Whether or not it’s possible depends on a) the specific policy of your high school and b) your academic record. You should be asking your guidance counselor this question, not Yahoo Answers.

  3. Joshua powell

    if you have all of the requried credits you can graduate early. but you have to have enough credits and have taken all of the required classes, your guidance counselor can tell you what all of those are

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