Should I get my GED now or go to high school online?

By | October 19, 2015

So I’m seventeen years old and I already know I want to be a Child Psychiatrist. In order to achieve that I have to go to medical school after completing a bachelor’s degree program. If I get my GED I will most likely only be accepted at community colleges. The reason why I want to get my GED now instead of going through online classes is because the process is alot faster and I turn 18 October 6 of this year. I wanted to move in with my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years THAT DAY because my dad is grounding me from him because we are sexually active? You’re probably thinking I’m going to get prego but I really won’t I’m on the depo shot and we use protection so don’t answer this with, ‘Don’t move in you’ll get pregnant!” ahahaha. My dad said that if i lived with him he’ll continue to support me but he won’t let me see him which is stupid because of how mature I am for my age and how motivated I am to accomplish this goal of mine. If I get my GED now I’ll be able to find a full time job somewhere and save all that money to go torwards emergencys. I won’t have to pay rent over there but I will have to pay for my car insurance, gas, phone bill, clothes/toilettries/make-up, and buy my own car before I move out because my dad willll nottt put the car he bought me in my name. He’s totally against me moving out but if I don’t I won’t be treated as a respected adult living under that house. he’ll still control every little thing I do and ground me…….. I need all the help I can get.. please help? Oh and I want to complete high school before I move out and I’m only a sophomore bc my highschool now won’t accept my other schools credits. It’l just be easier so I can just focus on College, I will be paying for my own College using grants

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  1. Richard S

    GED is a simple test of your basic knowledge and aptitude, and if you’re going for a real diploma, GED counts toward like 30 – 50 % of the credits required.

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