Should I get a second Bachelors degree or a Masters degree?

By | August 7, 2015

I will be graduating soon with a degree in music and with a minor in Spanish. However, I do not want to try to find a job in music. I want to pursue a degree in International Studies/Relations instead. Should I go for a second Bachelors degree or would I be better off going for a Masters degree in International Relations?

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3 thoughts on “Should I get a second Bachelors degree or a Masters degree?

  1. Lex Lodge

    I think you should talk to someone in the state department. Maybe travel too.

  2. Katie

    I would say a masters if you can get accepted into a program.

  3. Chuckles

    The only time it is good to get a second bachelors degree is if you are in college now and you can double major with it not taking more than one extra year.

    For people already in the workforce, since many bachelors degrees do not lead to a specific job and many people with a bachelors cannot find a job they may be considering getting a second bachelors degree in a different field.

    This may sound at first like a good idea as a second bachelors may be obtained in only two years as the general education credits from one’s first bachelors still count.

    However, I suggest that since a bachelors degree is the requirement to get into a Masters program that they should consider getting a Masters instead. These carry more weight that a bachelors degrees and there are opportunities at the graduate level that are not general knowledge in the undergrad world.

    The first thing to be aware of is that with many masters programs you do not need your bachelors to be in the same field. However, many of the ones in technology related field do have a lot of under grad prerequisites you do not have.

    There are two Masters programs that have few if any requirements for under grad prerequisites. These are the MBA and the Masters of Technology Management.

    The MBA can be quite useful but they are expensive and you often need to have several years of work experience to get into a program.

    I recommend you look into a Masters in Technology Management. These are available in several specializations. My daughter with an undergrad double major in Economics and Political Science got hers specializing in Transportation.

    Go to your favorite search engine and search for “technology management masters degree”. You will find many schools offering these both online and in the classroom. Just make sure if you look at online ones that it is the online division of an accredited “bricks and mortar” school.

    While to get into a masters program requires that your undergrad GPA has to be 3.0 or higher, many schools will accept a 2.5 if you have several years of work experience. The Technology Management degree only required one undergrad prerequisite and she took this as part of the masters program.

    In my daughter’s case, she went for full time classroom instruction. It did cost us $10,000 for the first semester, she got a GA for the second and fourth semesters. These paid her tuition and gave her a stipend. In return she taught two sophomore level undergrad classes and graded a ton of papers. For her third semester she got a fellowship that paid her $10,000.

    On graduation she was offered a job in the $70,000 range though she declined it as she was able to get a full ride PhD in civil engineering.

    My point is that there are masters opportunities for a person with a bachelors degree that taking a second bachelors is redundant.

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