Should I Do Teaching??????

By | August 26, 2015

Hi . I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and want a career change. I have always wanted to be a teacher, however the thought of going back to uni scares me. I got my degree 10 years ago and I ‘m sure alot has changed e.g online tutorials etc..

Is the degree in teaching very difficult? Should I give it a go?? Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Should I Do Teaching??????

  1. shenyanggerry

    I did a Certificate in TESL as a post bachelor’s course almost thirty years after my BA. Once I got into the swing of things I had no trouble.

  2. Jewel

    You would make a great health teacher. Why don’t you go observe a few classes and see how you like it? Schedule some time to speak with different teachers and ask questions. If after that you’re still unsure, you could sub. You’ll have to figure out what you’d have to do for your state to sub, but it may be worth a try.

    Also, make an appointment with someone in the education program at the university. It never hurts to find more information and talk to them about your concerns. Before you know it, you’ll have your answer!

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