Should I change my major? What should I do?

By | August 6, 2015

I started community college right out of high school in 03. My schedule only allowed me to take a couple classes a semester. I then transferred to an online university. I am going to transfer again to an on campus university for the first time. I have been in school for 5 years now and planned on accounting/finance as my degree. It will take me about another 3-4 years to complete my first degree. I have also been having problems really understanding the accounting field. I have taken a lot of psychology classes that I really find interesting. Should I change my major to something in that field instead of accounting/finance? What are some good areas to consider in the psychology area? I have a LOT of school loans to pay back when I finish so that is honestly part of my reason for sticking with account/finance. Can I still get a good paying job if I change my major?? Please any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
I actually really enjoy math but I am not really into the accounting/finance like I thought I would be…..i’m just so confused on what i should do…..

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2 thoughts on “Should I change my major? What should I do?

  1. Olivia

    yes. if you don’t have a passion for math stuff like that you will be miserable once you get that degree. I wanted to get a finance/accounting degree, but i realized i hated math and didn’t want to spend all my time doing that. So now i plan on psychology..

  2. Kamil Pod

    Do what you really enjoy, you’ll find that you’ll do better in the courses that you like than those that you are required to do. Loans are horrible things. Get a part-time job. There are plenty of work opportunities on campus. Don’t let personal debt get ahead of personal goals/aspirations.

    As with psychology, there are countless different fields you can get into, but you should atleast try to get a Masters degree if you want to do anything profitable or interesting.

    Use the website I listed below, click on “careers” on the top. It’s a very good website for career information (in canada).

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