should i buy a psychology degree online?

By | September 8, 2015

i’m about to finish high school and i don’t wont to work in a 7-10 dollar job and im getting my own place (i live in florida). it would cost alot of money still haven’t goten my feedback on all my college applications yet but i kn i will get into most of them i have a 3.7 gpa after all. and majoring in phychology and pre med (want to become plastic surgeon) i want both degrees then decide which one i want to do for rest of my life. but will the college be having a background check on me and this would come up and not accept me in their school or what? and i already took psychology classes online and in my school. i just don’t want to work for little money and im paying for college my self and that’s too much on me. i dont want to work for like12 hours a day for no money and specially when i intend to be a straight A’s student to get into stanford and im scared about doing if it will ruin my chance. i’m only going to do it for 4 years in college in that time i would major in something that DOES take ONLY 4 years and work at that when/if i get into stanford. should i do it?
if is shouldn’t do it do you kn somework that doesn’t need college experience and make enough money to hhelp the bill rend and college bills

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2 thoughts on “should i buy a psychology degree online?

  1. eri

    No, those are fake. If you try to use it to get a job or into college, you could be changed with a felony. And then you’d never be able to get into med school.

  2. Triet

    Please rewrite your question and make it understandable. I really have no idea what you are asking.

    You’re never going to become a doctor with writing like that.

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