Should I attend a Community College for generals?

By | October 16, 2015

I’ve heard that attending a CC to take my generals would be cheaper than going to a bigger college or a university. True? I’m thinking about attending ITT Tech but their tuition is pretty expensive compared to a local CC. Would I be able to take my generals at the CC then transfer my credits over to ITT? I want to go for Business Administration as well as Accounting. Would double majoring be too difficult?

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2 thoughts on “Should I attend a Community College for generals?

  1. jannsody

    Please be aware the ITT tech is ONLY nationally accredited which is not even the minimum regional accreditation. Even with those For-profit schools that are regionally accredited, such as U of P, devry, and strayer, their course credits usually do NOT transfer to other schools.

    This consumer site has a lot of negative posts by former students of those for-profit schools, and please heed the students’ warnings: and can search.

    Please do avoid those for-profit schools and instead consider the more affordable community college or state/public university as long as the program is accredited within the industry. (Just an fyi that “american public university” is a for-profit school.)

    U.S. colleges:

  2. Prof. Cochise

    Hi Bea

    ITT is not a good idea for a business degree. You can get a superior education at a public college for a lot less money and the degree will be fully recognized.

    There is an organization that accredits business schools and programs known by its initials AACSB. You want to make sure that your business degree is from an AACSB-accredited institution. Here is the website:

    Here is how to go about this the smart way.
    Find an AACSB-accredited program in a public college or university near you. Look at their online catalog for all the requirements to earn a BBA degree [Bachelor of Business Administration]. A lot of schools also require general education courses and make note of them as well.

    Take as many of those general education courses and low level business courses as you can at the local CC. Once you have taken all the courses they have to offer, it is time to transfer over to the 4-year school for your Bachelors. There is no need to stay in the CC for an Associates degree.

    You also asked about degrees in business and in accounting. I think you will find that many of the AACSB schools will allow a BBA with a “concentration” in accounting. that would meet both of your goals.

    If you want, amend your question to include the city where you want to study and I am sure that one of the contributors to this service will suggest a few schools that meet your needs. If you do that, also include your academic GPA and your SAT or ACT scores.

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