Segre Lecture: How Did The Universe Begin?

By | November 23, 2015

Emilio Segre Distinguished Lecture by Andrew Lange: How Did the Universe Begin? There is strong evidence that the entire Universe sprang from sub-atomic dimensions 13.7 billion years ago in a violent event known as Inflation, but we understand almost nothing of what would have caused this to happen. Scientists around the world are now racing to find important clues in the Cosmic Microwave Background, the faint relic of the primeval fireball that filled the early Universe.

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25 thoughts on “Segre Lecture: How Did The Universe Begin?

  1. FreestyleBoy2010

    who made darkness who is the creator and who created that creator and beyound. i bet area 51 and the government knows. and have all the answers we want to know. but they know 2012 is coming and they won’t be able to do shit cause they know that have no control over on what is about to happen thru 2010 and 2012

  2. andrewvarela1

    - TO girahami: that Q. wasn’t the topic; simplified, super-density of Big Bang state expanded into less-dense state. First opaque plasma & later, photons and atoms. Takes matter, time & gravity to allow for black holes.
    - TO foolwicked: nothing we’re know’s ‘always been.’
    - TO Qulopuaa: We don’t posit a medium (the singular of media). And vacuua R not media). Aether’s long ago debunked. TO philaboston: multiverse & string’s >4 dimensions remain speculative. TO staregion: misreading of E=MC2.

  3. andrewvarela1

    To da615, Andrew was one of my best friends; it’s lovely to see your post, lovely to hear from others whose lives he touched. Our conversations over family meals at both our homes – over so many years and re the CMB (and later, his gravity wave work) set off my own serious studies. It’s so painful not to reach him on his cell or the lab or at home when I so want to talk.
    TO foolwicked, et al. who’ve posted: I think there may be thoughts here, but they’re incomprehensible as written. Try again?

  4. foolwicked

    Yeah, it is a logical fallacy to not be able to do something we can’t do. If you can’t grow out your own wings….. you can’t grow out your own wings.

  5. jonh387

    I don’t believe in religion they just make a dot somewhere thinking they know the answer. And the big bang is a theory accepted now BC we don’t know what there was before. Haveing knowledge on something is great.
    But accept it we won’t figure it out.
    Atleast not now or in our lives.
    People always tryd to figure out everthing.
    Fire, the world ,ways to live more easily.
    And live itself meanings we didn’t and still not understand. The big bang is another thing we still need to figure out.

  6. Adventfred

    So vwhat you saying because we cant do something it cant be done

  7. foolwicked

    Well, I want you to sit up straight, Adventfred. And hold out both your hands…. are you read? Now try to make something out of “nothing” ;D

    And even if you miraculously made something out of thin-air. Well… I gave away the answer… Lol, thin-air isn’t “nothing”.

  8. magnormaxi

    1:09:40 “Lord knows what exists before that”. the designer must be the source of knowlege or knowlege its self accompanying and guiding all things to its potential great state. Scientists are here to challege the weak church who doest take enouf time to learn from gods creation .Take in consideration how a thought (unseen acitvity) can produce great physical activity in the natural… Thought certainly is an energy…

  9. Zurround100

    i wish there was another option to how the universe began besides the big bang. I dont mean religion but why is the big bang the ONLY theory now accepted? its pretty far fetched.

  10. da615

    How wonderful it must have been to have Prof. Lange as a Ph.D. mentor!! What a loss to the world that he died so young and so tragically.

  11. xxleonardxxclarkxx

    I went to high school and church with Andy. He was a really, really nice guy. I’m very sad about the passing of such a contributor to our world.

  12. pandaya

    I’m astounded someone like this would commit suicide.

    I’d want to stick around and learn more about the universe, for one thing.

  13. staregion

    “why didnt the universe collapse into a black hole?”
    The big bang was the dividing of pure energy so no mass was present.E=MC2..(if E=M, M=E, and C is only the conversion rate) after the cooling energy could convert to mass or matter. Gravity was one of the original energies. It is commmon to think of gravity as a force but a force is only an applied energy. This an over simplification but the force of gravity could not act until there was something to act on.
    James E gambrell

  14. HatakeKakashi2345

    This guy…….. he knows.

  15. philaboston

    No, why would i suggest that?

  16. foolwicked

    I’m sorry… philaboston. Are you suggesting that the multiverse matrix, velocity, light or sub-atomic dimensions have always existed and are boundless and always have been?

  17. foolwicked

    No… its really much impossible.

  18. Adventfred

    woot woot a universe from nothing is not impossible wooo

    check out laurence krass video on this topic to

  19. Qulopuaa

    maybe the media that this unvirse expanded into had a force that must be overcome and it did during the inflation and then the media become compressed and dense enough to make a difference and inflation ended

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