Questions about online college.. please, tell me all you know..?

By | September 2, 2015

I am thinking of taking courses through Empire State College online…
As I work full time, I cannot go to “real” college.
I have heard good things about taking online courses, but I am wondering if I will be taken seriously when I go to get a job with my new degree? Will they look at it and think less of me because I got the degree online?

And also, how do I know if the degree is ..legit?

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4 thoughts on “Questions about online college.. please, tell me all you know..?

  1. danilex_2000

    The degree is legit. A college can not offer classes that cost money and be false. I have been enrolled in online classes through the University of Phoenix for 2 years. I’ll have my associates degree in 3 weeks. Online classes are extremely hard. You have alot of reading and homework. I work full time too. Once I have my degree my job will pay me more. No job will question whether you obtained your degree, but just your knowledge. It’s worth it. It doesn’t matter which way you get your degree, it’s better than no college education. The best part about online classes is the flexibility but trust me it’s alot harder than going to a classroom. You are pretty much given the materials and you read and do essays.

  2. The Enemy's Gate

    Don’t know much about it.. but many colleges have online programs that count for just as much credit as regular courses. BYU has online programs for the public- you don’t even have to be enrolled, but the credits are much fewer.

  3. Lexy

    I would suggest only taking an online college degree program through a “real” university, not one that is only available online. Some online only schools worry me about just how legit they are.

    Research programs available through universities you may have heard about. I’m assuming you are in New York since you mention Empire State College. I know that Stony Brook offers a masters program which is entirely online. I’m sure there are other online programs, you just have to look for them!

  4. CoachT

    Empire State College is only part of their name. They are:

    State University of New York (SUNY) – Empire State College

    The same SUNY that has campus locations all over NY and is the state college system of New York. The are run by the NY Dept. of Education and are regionally accredited.

    You don’t get much more “real” than SUNY.

    That said, it doesn’t matter whether your degree will be taken seriously by employers because it’s not taken seriously by you. You don’t respect the college or you wouldn’t have written “real college” in this question.

    For that reason alone, you should attend a college that you do think is “real” and that you will proud to tell people you attended. Otherwise, you won’t be happy with the degree you earn and this is a considerable investment.

    Employers care about the reputation of the college awarding the degree and not whether it was online or classroom. Some truly outstanding colleges teach online (Harvard, Oxford, UC-Berkeley) as well as some “normal” colleges such as Penn State, UMass, Florida State, UFlorida and some colleges that plain “aren’t very good” (that I won’t name).

    SUNY-Empire isn’t the highest rated college in the SUNY system. In fact, they are unranked by US News and World Reports. They exist specifically for people like you – working adults.

    The SUNY system colleges offer a lot of degrees online – not just at Empire State. offers a one-stop place to take a look at what’s available.

    If you’re not a resident of New York, you might want to explore some more options besides SUNY – such as the state university system in your own state. Almost every college teaches online these days and very many offer the whole degree online.

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is the easy way. Many people think online=easy. It’s simply not the case. Online classes in a legitimate program will take more time and effort than the same classes on campus.

    To know if a program is legit – check their accreditation. You want a program that is regionally accredited by one of the six accrediting bodies. In business, AACSB accreditation is nice. In technology you’ll want ABET accreditation as well. In nursing and health sciences – approval of the state board is essential – same with education/teaching.

    Add: one answerer wrote “A college can not offer classes that cost money and be false.”; that’s simply not true. There are plenty of scam degree mills out there that are not legit and will take your money. The “degree” that those offer is worth no more than one you print yourself from your computer. SUNY is not a degree mill though.

    More important though is that there are levels of academic reputation among colleges. The reputation of the college is more important than the degree itself. Those people that think “all degrees are the same” are sadly mistaken and in for a serious shock in the job market.

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