Question on studying in the US?

By | November 1, 2015

I want to study psychology in the US, and I was just wondering a few things.
- Am I required to take other classes as well as psychology (such as maths etc..)
- I want to get a bachelor’s degree, can I do that straight after finishing high school?
- How long does it take to complete a bachelor in psychology?
- How many classes are there each week? Is it based mostly on studying yourself or classroom teaching?
- Are there any good university guides online? Link please:)

Thanks a lot!

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One thought on “Question on studying in the US?

  1. CPG

    1) Yes, you will be required to complete what is known as general education before you start your higher division psychology courses. General education is part of the university life and is a set program, which does differ from university to university, but it is a program which all students must complete. General Ed consists of math, English, Psychical & Biological Science, Social Sciences etc.

    2) Yes, however you will need to take the SAT I or the ACT and depending on the university, you will also need to take the SAT II before you can apply for admission.

    3) Four-years for a bachelors degree, although it can be done in much less time.

    4) International students must take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester which generally four classes per semester and thus four classes a week. Classes are mostly lecture based, you sit there and take notes. Some classes such as philosophy and English can be very discussion orientated. All other work outside of the lectures is done at home.

    5) Have not looked but is good place to start.

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