Question about online homeschooling?

By | November 9, 2015

Okay so I was thinking about it, but is it hard to get into college if you do this? Also what schools are good? And how can you get socialized better?

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One thought on “Question about online homeschooling?

  1. croft castle

    If you do online homeschooling through an accredited school, you will have no issues getting into a college of your choice. A diploma through one of these schools is the same as if you had gone to a regular public high school.

    What kind of school is good for you depends on how much money you are looking to spend. Penn Foster is a very popular ( online school that offers an accredited diploma, but it can be very costly. Laurel Springs ( is popular amongst the rich kids and the acting/sports business set.

    Almost every state offers a free online school (if not several) through the k12 program, these have no fees and are completely paid for by state costs. They are also all accredited. (

    As for socialization, you can do these things:
    - Join a homeschool group. (check for a homeschool group near you – type in your county and then “homeschool”)
    - Take classes or sports through your local Boys & Girls Club or YMCA
    - Keep in touch with old friends from public school (if you went there)
    - If you enroll in a state local online school, many of them have activities and clubs you can take with other kids enrolled at the online school.
    - Take “Continuing Education” college courses, they’re fun, and there’s lots of options. Check out your local community college to see what they offer.
    - Join Girl Scouts.
    - Get involved in 4-H.

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