Question about Driver’s Education classes online?

By | August 8, 2015

Well, because I posted this question because I am outside the classroom dropo (my school) the actual driving has been repaired, and bear all online instead. This is just my time to better suit. The answer told me that if there is no in the summer time, online courses can be done? Ah, I live in Cali. If it can help any.

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One thought on “Question about Driver’s Education classes online?

  1. Trinity

    I took driver’s ed online a while ago (I also live in California) and I’m pretty sure they offer their service all year. Just create an account and pay for it. I believe it’s somewhere around $150 if I remember correctly. Just go through all the slides and take the quizzes. I think it took me about 4 days to finish but I did A LOT each day which I’m sure you’ll be able to in the summertime.
    Good luck and safe driving!

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