Public Service at Stanford

By | August 31, 2015

Stanford graduate Kiyomi Burchill takes her experience at the Haas Center for Public Service all the way to the State Capitol where she works for Senate President pro-tem Darrell Steinberg solving real world problems. Her Stanford experience and training prepared her for a lifelong career in public service. Stanford University: Haas Center for Public Service: Stanford University Channel on YouTube:

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5 thoughts on “Public Service at Stanford

  1. charlesdean03

    dude its all a load of crap ok where are/were these people when the whole fucking economy was gettin fucked in the ass??

  2. bsdpowa

    that bitch pisses me off and I don’t know why, whenever I see the thumbnail with her on it in my Subscription box I get angry, it’s something on her face that makes me wanna jump on her head repeatedly

  3. gijs14

    This is creepy they are smiling too much

  4. lordennis01

    I suspect it has something to do with the salary.

  5. amsunaakage

    I would like to count the reasons behind, why people look low to Public Services ?
    Nice video, Thanks.

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