Please help me to get in MIT…?

By | August 4, 2015

Please I’m US citizen born in Texas but i had lived all my life in matamoros Tamaulipas Mexico (Mexico-US border line with Brownsville TX)

I’m 16 yo and i just love Maths Physics…all the logical and science classes. my grades are pretty high in fact i had been getting 100 in math, Physic, Biology, Statistic, Chemistry since I get in Highschool so I have a very good average grade.

The problem is that my family has no money to get me in an expensive university like MIT but i trust that i can get a financial aid.

How can i get myself in MIT?
Some MIT student that can contact me via email–>[email protected]?

Any other information i got about this excellent university that can be my path to reach my dreams will be welcomed.

PD:srry if i get something spelled wrong, I can only understand English I’m not a good writer :P
I’m in 11th grade(Mexico system)
Should I finish the high school in Mexico?

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3 thoughts on “Please help me to get in MIT…?

  1. Papastrophe

    depends on whats your gpa, extracurriculars, what makes you special, all depends, also, its kinda tough if you apply as an student thats not in the us, even though you’re an us citizen.

  2. mr cLIF is back

    Depends on how much your parents make, if they make below 60k then I believe MIT gives full rides.

  3. daydreamer

    try to apply to as many scholarships as you can.
    You seem to have no troubles with studying so just keep up the good work! Talk to financial aid supervisers and the MIT financial aid branch.
    I’m positive something good will happen :)

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