Penn Foster online college. Opinions?

By | August 30, 2015

I have a subscription to Horse Illustrated magazine, and inside was an insert about Penn Foster online college, and you can request information about their Veterinary Technician Associate Degree or their Veterinary Assistant program. It’s AVMA accredited, too. Is it a good school? I’ve heard some bad things about doing college online, like you can’t get jobs as easily and such. I’m just curious, but any information or opinions about the school will be appreciated!

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One thought on “Penn Foster online college. Opinions?

  1. Betsy

    It is not regionally accredited, making it difficult or impossible to have credits transferred to another school. It is AVMA accredited. However, it is hard to imagine how one could become a veterinary technician or assistant online. These jobs involve dealing with people, animals, and equipment, none of which are available online. Perhaps this explains why it is hard to get a job with an online diploma.

    I’d suggest that you look at the programs available at community colleges in your area. You will get a better education for less money there.

    Since you have a subscription to Horse Illustrated and want a career working with animals, perhaps you have animals who see the vet occasionally. If so, you might want to talk with the assistant or technician while you are there and ask where or how s/he got his or her training.

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