Pc problem please help!!!!!!!!?

By | October 4, 2015

i have a vaio pcv-c11l and a while back i was playing a game a it froze it has done this for a bout 6 months now and now it happens like every 5 mins and i read online that the over heat so i took of the cover and it worked fine for about a week now its freezing up again it is really annoying what do i do to fix this i also got a different graphics card also when i freeze it becomes completely inoperable and the hard drive light is not on also
i blew it out with air and put a house fan next to it on high without the case on and it still freezes if not quicker

Additional Details
here is my PC fan speeds and temps


it can also get up 57 degrees Celsius is this a file problem or over heating what do i do
it has a Pentium 4 3GHz processor with its own heat sink and fan

my pc only hold 2 gb of ram that is whats in it
brand new graphics card card it says in system info that i have 2 gb but in ccleaner i says 1.5 gb
when i put ceasing on it starts heating up fast

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  1. Napoleon Dynomite

    You’re using Windows which accumulates problems as time goes on. For someone with your level of computer knowledge the best thing to do is just to reinstall Windows.

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