Pario: the Next Step Beyond Audio and Video

By | November 4, 2015

(January 9, 2009) Todd C. Mowry, prefessor at Carnegie Mellon University, talks about the joint research venture between Carnegie Mellon and Intel Research, called “claytronics”. In this talk, he describes the technical process that they have made so far, as well as suggesting what this technology might enable. Stanford University: Stanford Center for Professional Development: Stanford University Channel on YouTube:

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4 thoughts on “Pario: the Next Step Beyond Audio and Video

  1. OneZeroZero101

    claytronics is a sort of teleportation :D

  2. GirlyVoice

    lol yeah, suddenly your couch turns into a robotic murderer!

  3. austpom333

    This technology is far better suited to construction, you’ve only to get the foundations right and the house could self construct.

  4. austpom333

    You want to be ( excuse the French ) FU.N careful of hackers, Especially as the idea moves forward and the clay model is no longer hollow and becomes stronger.

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