Online Teaching Degrees?

By | August 30, 2015

What are some of the best online schools for earning a bachelors degree in Education & Teaching?

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3 thoughts on “Online Teaching Degrees?

  1. Derek

    Most states have regulations that do not allow you to become a public school teacher with ANY online teaching degree. There is generally a student teaching requirement involved which cannot be handled online. Even if you could take these classes online, you would not want to. There have been widespread reports of students hiring impostors to take online classes for them. That means that ANY online course is considered questionable. The school has no way of knowing who is at the computer. Is it the student, the impostor, or both? You should also be aware that many for-profit online schools are outright scams. See for reviews. The school districts in my area will not accept ANY for-profit school degrees or ANY online degrees when hiring teachers. (They look at transcripts too).

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